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Bao Bao, the giant panda cub, is set to make her first public appearance at the Smithsonian's National Zoo on Saturday, according
But in case you haven't been paying attention to the cuteness that's ensued since her birth, the 2-minute video (above) will
She's also getting stronger, but won't be able to walk until she's four months old. Which is, of course, just a little before
Are you still grieving over the loss of Panda Cam thanks to the government shutdown? Chin up, friends, Conan is on the case
The National Zoo confirmed on Monday morning that, should Congress not pass a spending bill by midnight on Monday, the zoo's panda cams will no longer provide us a life-affirming livestream of 233-pound panda mom Mei Xiang.
"Volunteers are not allowed onto zoo property in the event of a government shutdown," said Murphy. Animals will continue
While we keep our fingers crossed for this little cub, read more about D.C.'s two pandas' reproductive difficulty in The
They've been a little wonky, with so many people tuning in to see a baby panda being born. In case you're having trouble
On their first day back in action, the cameras captured Mei celebrating her 15th birthday with a frozen fruit cake topped