Salvini's League party was a big winner in the European Parliament elections, as he eyes an alliance of nationalists across the continent.
During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism, Lieu aired a video of the conservative commentator's remarks from a December event.
One person on Twitter quipped that the conservative's comments were like saying, "I liked Hitler's early stuff, before he went mass market."
The president also can't understand why Europe's leaders aren't a fan of nationalism.
Macron spoke out against the dangers of nationalism, an ideology Trump has openly embraced in recent speeches.
French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the “ancient demons” that caused World War I and millions of deaths were once again making headway.
"The president is doing this not out of some deep, profound conviction. It’s because he thinks it sells," the CNN anchor said.
Nationalism and patriotism aren't the same thing, says the Rev. William J. Barber II of North Carolina.
The Fox News host believes being a nationalist should be a "prerequisite for running a democracy."
He’s racist, sexist and homophobic. But that might not stop populist candidate Jair Bolsonaro from becoming the next President of Brazil.
"Make their countries great again," Trump said during a United Nations address of those seeking safety in the U.S.
There’s little evidence for the bombastic former Trump adviser's claim that he can dominate next year’s European Parliament elections.
Tamara Pletnyova added that if a woman does get pregnant, she should make sure the father is "of the same race."
After being awarded the prestigious National Constitution Center Liberty Medal, U.S. Senator John McCain used his acceptance speech to slam the “half-baked nationalism” on display in America today.
"Dalits and Muslims are being told by the ruling party that they cannot be part of India’s vision," said the great-grandson of India's first prime minister.
"America First" is based in exclusivism, but Indonesia’s nationalism has far more pluralistic connotations.
Breitbart Editor in Chief Steve Bannon says the Catholic Church backs DACA because it needs “illegal aliens” to fill its pews.