Nationals Park

The MLB team said it was looking forward to resuming the "long-standing tradition."
"That is a man who doesn’t want anyone to catch anything," one person joked on Twitter after Fauci's Opening Day appearance at Nationals Park.
Third time's a charm — and so is the South — for President Donald Trump.
Washington fans watching a ballpark broadcast of World Series Game 7 erupted in contempt at a Trump campaign ad.
The president did not receive the warmest welcome during Game 5 at Nationals Park.
Desire to protect hunter access appears to have more pull than concerns over trashed parks.
Hailey Dawson wants to throw out the first pitch at all 30 MLB ballparks.
Some Twitter users called opening day at Nationals Park a win for the home team — and America.
Beyer said he thinks the motivation behind the Swift concert fundraiser comes out of the desire to “find interesting ways
"The postseason is always a crapshoot," said Will. "The most you can say with any degree of certainty is who will get to