native american art

I'm a big museum person and was delighted to hear that there was a museum dedicated to Native Americans - their culture and art - on the western edge of downtown Indianapolis, in White River State Park.
While the myth of pioneers building this colossal earthworks has a veneer of warm, fuzzy wholesomeness at first blush, Bua's closer examination of the relevant facts makes this no more likely to be true than any other fairy tale.
Fritz Scholder, "Super Indian No. 2," 1971. Oil paint on canvas; overall: 90 × 60 in. Promised gift from Vicki and Kent Logan
Looking at them I see regular people but also royalty. They are in a way no different than historical portraits of European kings, queens and nobility.
Ever since my first visit to New Mexico in the 1970s, I've harbored a fantasy that my life would have a kind of Georgia O'Keefe final chapter.
A still from "The Last American Indian on Earth" A popular defense of Washington's football team has been that the mascot
Banks' history lesson begins in 1803 when Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States and ends in 1830 when
To create his share of the earth art, Ai sent ground-down pottery shards from his notorious Dropping The Vase series. In
Death of the Female, 84" x 126", 2014, Acrylic on Canvas And then there's Miss Chief Eagle Testickle. The artist's alter