native american schools

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Classrooms and hallways so cold children wear coats all day. Ceilings that leak year round. Buckled floors and broken doorways. A science classroom so poorly ventilated it can't be used for chemistry experiments.
No student should have to learn in a moldy, rat-infested classroom.
”If these were our loved ones going to these schools, there is little doubt we would march down Pennsylvania Avenue to demand
In 1972, Montana added language to its constitution pledging to use education to preserve the unique cultural heritage of
The following picture shows a crowded dormitory in an elementary school built in the 1940s. School officials told the GAO
The image below, from the ACT, shows that while ACT scores declined across the board in 2013, they declined more for Native
Sanders Unified School District #18 in Arizona counts on impact aid for half of its $10 million budget. Now, the Navajo school
In 2011, only 18 percent of Native American fourth-graders were performing at proficient or advanced levels in reading, as
For example, Mt. Adams had introduced an intervention program for low-performing students in middle school, making sure that