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During my recent visit to Ke Kula 'o Nāwahīokalani'ōpu'u Iki Public Charter School on Hawaii Island, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with students of all ages, teachers, parents and administrators.
Many Native Hawaiians consider Mauna Kea to be sacred land.
A solar telescope on Maui is facing opposition similar to the Thirty Meter Telescope on the Big Island.
HONOLULU (AP) - The state land board on Friday will consider an emergency rule restricting access to a mountain considered
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the incredible diversity within our community and the significant contributions of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders to this nation. It is also a time to reflect on the trials and tribulations our community.
We encourage the entire community to use these data to continue research on the AAPI community. We hope that researchers
WHIAAPI looks forward to making progress on these partnerships in the upcoming months and creating exciting new opportunities for the AAPI community.
Brook talks about why she loves Hawaii, its tourism, the differences between its islands, and what makes Hawaii unique from other island groups.
Kumu Hina stands out not because she is a transgender woman, but because she is a woman who dedicates herself to improving the overall wellbeing of her people. She is an educator who has dedicated much of her career to perpetuating language, culture and traditions.
Last Friday, along with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, I had the privilege of speaking to more than 1,000 AAPI students
I could not help but be in awe of Coca Cola's "America The Beautiful" commercial. The spoken and visual messages were spot on. What, a diverse America? We speak different languages? Beautiful. I thought society was ready for a message of diversity.