NATO Summit 2012

The OWS movement that inspired Church, Chase, Betterly, and millions of others showed us that we can and should resist these practices.
A high-stakes game is being played in the United States today called, "To Catch a Terrorist." The public need not worry, though, as the risks are surprisingly low.
A thousands-strong alliance that includes labor and anti-war groups has received approval to protest during the Republican
The mayor has previously stated that Chicago taxpayers would not be on the hook for any costs associated with the summit
While the cloistered glitz of the NATO summit and the publicized gore of the anti-NATO protests left an indelible mark on those who participated in these events, to most the NATO summit was unremarkable. But what have we learned?
While the Chicago Police Department has received local and national praise for their handling of protester conflicts during
Despite the fact that NATO might be "the most successful military alliance the world has ever seen," our transatlantic bonds go far beyond combined military operations. They are interwoven into the very fabric of our society.
You didn't stop war, end capitalism, or even get close to the NATO summit. All you did was attract more riot police to an otherwise peaceful event, leading to kettlings, beatings and arrests. Way to go.
This week's NATO summit on the future of the war in Afghanistan probably did not get to the matter of burn pits or abandoned latrines. These are the details of hell. They are also our legacy, in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The historic street demonstrations of 2012 will be meaningless unless citizens use the power of the vote this year to remove the worst offenders from office. They can start with the representatives and senators who voted no to due process rights.
Simply instituting a democracy is not enough for the future viability of Afghanistan. There needs to be discussion and increased thought behind what that democracy should look like, and how it can best fit the Afghan model.
Hermes told the Associated Press that the arrests were part of a successful "effort to frighten people and to diminish the
As Occupy activists from around the country begin heading home to their respective cities after a weekend of protests in
Prior to the two-day event, the city now headed by Obama's former White House chief of staff asked the U.S. Department of
President Obama addressed the press on Monday afternoon at McCormick Place, Chicago, stressing that the city performed its
There are real international security problems, and some entity should certainly be addressing them. But is NATO the proper entity?
After a working dinner with visiting NATO dignitaries at Soldier Field, Obama took a break to toss around a football at the
Several journalists were arrested and injured while covering the protests against the NATO summit in Chicago on Saturday
On average, 18 veterans commit suicide every day, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is rampant among veterans who've seen
This weekend sixty heads of state, 2,500 journalists and thousands of protesters have arrived in Chicago for the two day