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To soothe rashes, eczema, hives, acne, or redness: Mix water and finely ground oats to form a paste, and apply as a facemask
For Allure, by Elizabeth Siegel. The Sneaky Way You're Probably Ruining Your Hair Superfoods (hi, kale!) are as good for
Take the time to pause and open your mind to those things which you do not fully understand. You will be the better for it -- and, as your feelings of awe ripple out through acts of kindness, so will the rest of us.
However, I will say that none of the products mentioned below contain synthetic chemicals, FD&C or D&C dyes, parabens, phthalates
There you have it! Some simple ways to nourish your hair from the inside out so that it is healthy and strong! Ensuring that your diet is rich in important nutrients as well as understanding how the external treatment of your hair affects its health are the keys to lovely locks!
Similarly, top makeup artists catering to their A-list clients are becoming seriously savvy about what non-toxic beauty products
The surface of our lips can literally break, leading to chapped, and even cracked lips. It is important to take good care, because badly cracked lips can lead to potential infection.
February is a month that we celebrate being loved and loving someone else, but don't forget the most important thing and that's to love our selves.