Natural Phenomena

The Paris area hit 108.3 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous record of 104.8 F set in 1947.
Temperatures could creep up to nearly 100 degrees, threatening to overload the electrical grid.
The storm weakened to a tropical depression as it swept inland through Gulf Coast states on Sunday, sparing New Orleans but threatening floods to other areas.
Recent monsoon rains have caused widespread flooding and mudslides across South Asia. Officials have warned of more flooding in the coming days.
New Orleans was spared the worst effects of the storm that weakened from hurricane status.
The storm, which will be a stress test on New Orleans' levees, was previously dubbed a hurricane.
The strengthening storm is expected to blow ashore early Saturday near Morgan City as the first hurricane of the season.
Tropical storm Barry is headed to New Orleans, Louisiana. Officials are warning its residents to prepare for major flooding and potential evacuations.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned that there could be “a considerable amount of overtopping” of levees.
Photos and videos of the damage captured attention on social media after the quake, which caused no reported fatalities.
It was felt as far away as Las Vegas, and the USGS says it also was felt in Mexico.
A widely felt magnitude 5.4 quake before dawn Friday was the strongest aftershock thus far.
The quake struck about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, with no injuries reported.
Scientists warn that heat waves are becoming increasingly common due to human-caused climate change.
A freak hail storm struck one of Mexico's most populous cities, shocking residents and trapping vehicles in a deluge of ice pellets.
Planting season is the slowest in decades as farmers grapple with floods, rains and sodden fields.
Meteorologist Joe Dandrea says the swarm appeared to be about 80 miles wide as it flew over San Diego Tuesday.
Record-breaking severe weather whipped through the Midwest destroying homes and power lines.
At least seven storm-related fatalities and dozens of injuries have been reported in the past week as storms swept across the nation.