Natural Phenomena

Outages are planned in more than half of California’s 58 counties, although not everyone in those counties will have their power cut.
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock declared an emergency Sunday, allowing the state to mobilize resources to help affected areas.
The quake was felt across Puerto Rico and was the strongest to hit the island in recent years.
Imelda, one of the wettest tropical cyclones in U.S. history, dumped more than 40 inches of rain in some spots.
Officials in Harris County said there had been a combination of at least 1,000 high-water rescues and evacuations to get people to shelter.
The worst of the flooding is east of Houston, an area ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
Despite weakening to a Category 1 storm, Dorian still sent seawater surging over neighborhoods, flooding the first floors of many homes.
Weakened to a Category 1 hurricane, the powerful storm lashed communities with wind, rain and floodwaters.
More than 1 million people were warned to leave in the Carolinas, and a round of evacuations was ordered in coast Virginia as the storm drew closer.
The massive storm gained strength once again late Wednesday as it took aim at the Carolinas.
More than 600 police officers and marines fanned out across the Bahamas, where Hurricane Dorian made landfall, to reach stranded victims.
At least seven people have died and 21 are injured as the now Category 3 hurricane continues flooding the Bahamas.
“We are in the midst of a historic tragedy," Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said of the Category 4 storm.
The National Hurricane Center forecasts Dorian to be 40 to 50 miles off the Florida coast on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The 185 mph winds ripped off roofs, overturning cars and tore down power lines.
The storm's maximum sustained winds increased to 160 mph before barreling through the northern Bahamas on Sunday.
The National Hurricane Center said the risk of strong winds and rising water will increase along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.
The National Hurricane Center in Miami says the hurricane is “extremely dangerous” and threatens Florida and the northwestern Bahamas.