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While the formulas developed at the University of Montreal aren't commercially available, this study highlights the potential
Whether its medication, meditation, or mind exercises, your main goal should be to find inner peace and stress reduction within your own mind. Anxiety is something that can be very difficult to live with, but there are natural ways such as meditation that could reduce the struggle even a little bit.
Outwardly, I've always appeared as a very together person. When people find out I struggle with anxiety, their reactions
By: Kimberly Jordan Allen Here are some natural remedies to make your periods more manageable. To learn the three other natural
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To soothe rashes, eczema, hives, acne, or redness: Mix water and finely ground oats to form a paste, and apply as a facemask
Larissa Hall Carlson, a Kripalu Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Life Counselor, knows sleep deprivation firsthand. Managing an
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Go to yoga or take a walk. It may seem like being active will only make you feel more tired and it can be true--going to
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