Natural Resources Defense Council

Americans are eating less meat and more plant-based foods these days. Here's how it's affecting the environment.
States can spend as much as 15 percent of their payout to subsidize construction of public charging stations for electric cars.
The provision is included in a package that resembles an industry wish list.
The ConversationSafe drinking water is a critical resource.
Ryan Zinke's oil-friendly order "might just have landed the decisive blow" against the imperiled bird, a conservationist said.
Proposed cuts to a number of federal programs would make efforts to fight toxic algal blooms more difficult.
And most of those violations in 2015 went unpunished.
It's time to pitch it to President Donald Trump and other skeptics in the party.
Whatever uncertainty there is about Donald Trump's actual agenda as president -- or more fundamentally about the legitimacy of his presidency -- there can be no doubt about his hostility to environmental protection and progress.
The rusty patched bumble bee's population and range have decreased about 90 percent in the last two decades.