Sen. Tammy Duckworth said there was "mounting evidence showing that our nation is failing to help noncitizen veterans."
The former president described immigration as "a blessing and a strength" during a naturalization ceremony for new U.S. citizens in Dallas.
President Trump and Texas' attorney general used a list of suspected noncitizen voters to claim voter fraud. Now the list appears to be inaccurate.
A photo of Nison (aka Max) Miller stares out from the screen, sullen and stern, in faded black and white. “Order of Court
My husband and I were inspired to apply for naturalization ... during the 2016 election.
He's been permanently removed from overseeing naturalization ceremonies.
“He will be your president and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.”
After Donald Trump declared war against “illegals,” Latinos have united across cultures to take on his anti-immigrant crusade
Republican candidates tend to ignore or actively incite fear of the growing Latino community. But Democrats also do a poor job of turning out Latinos in high numbers and, when in office, are unable to deliver on priority issues for the Latino community. Low voter turnout is a symptom of civic disengagement by Latinos in American society.
Unfortunately, Trump's perverse proposals fit "right" in with the racist immigration history of the United States. So in the service of education, I offer Nikki Haley the following tutorial focusing on issues of "race" in our immigration and naturalization policies.
"We are not even citizens from this country, but they didn't have any differentiation, they have so much love for us."
It was a stunning warm winter's day in Washington, D.C. as a group of excited permanent American residents were about to become United States citizens at a naturalization ceremony.
"My biggest dream, especially on a day like today, is for 11 million people to have the opportunity to feel the way I'm feeling."