Nature and Environment

The killer whale soared before awestruck boaters in the Sea of Cortez.
The spectacular run of as many as 1,000 dolphins likely occurred as smaller pods merged in an area rich with food.
An unlikely alliance of ranchers, Indigenous communities and environmentalists is trying to save the Owyhee Canyonlands.
Natural underground caverns on the moon could store frozen samples of Earth’s species in order to protect biodiversity in the event of global catastrophe.
Record rains have led to heavy floods, and that's caused bugs, snakes and other critters to seek refuge.
Severe weather is expected to sweep from the Rockies to the Mississippi River Valley in the next few days.
Officials are beginning to reimagine fire and land management, drawing upon Native American tradition and perspectives that were long outlawed.
Conservationists suspect manatees are suffering from a lack of sea grass, which the beloved sea cows eat.
The animals were mostly likely infected by staff and other animals will be tested as well.
The situation has improved but about 20,000 Texans still face non-operational public water systems.