Nature and Environment

Locals are donning hazmat suits and trying to clean up the oil spill after the MV Wakashio struck a coral reef and ran aground.
A derecho can cause damage more like an inland hurricane than a quick, but more powerful tornado.
An estimated 1 ton of oil has already escaped into the Indian Ocean after a Japanese ship ran aground off the island's southeast coast.
At least nine people were killed, including a 5-year-old girl, and millions of others were left without power.
Millions of people were without power on Wednesday after felled trees downed power lines.
At least one person was killed when one of the storm's twisters hit a mobile home park in North Carolina.
The blazes near Palm Springs have exploded in size, consuming more than 20,000 acres.
The governor said the state is anticipating power outages and asked residents to have a week’s supply of water, food and medicine on hand.
The July Complex fire has grown to more than 81,000 acres and may grow more with forecasted hot and dry weather.
Tahlequah, a killer whale whose devastation pulled at the world’s heartstrings in 2018, is part of an endangered population.