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David Attenborough uses new technologies to create an interactive journey, highlighting the perils of climate change.
Producers dragged all their camera equipment two miles in 100-mile-per-hour winds to film penguins in Antarctica. As the
Filming animals takes a long, boring time -- but some of the things producers have done to speed things up may surprise you.
As the holder of 31 honorary degrees and an integral part of esteemed documentaries like "Planet Earth," Sir David Attenborough
You know David Attenborough as the king of all narration. In this amazing video he reaches heights beyond BBC Wildlife and
While he admits he's "shocked" by how popular some of his Yosemite videos have become, Bumgardner told the Atlantic in October
On top of upping the tongue length record in class Mammalia, the discovery of the bat in 2005 also solved a longstanding
Nature documentaries "carry the promise of authenticity," Palmer said, speaking on a morning stroll through the manufactured
Take it from someone who has hosted over fifty hours of TV for major cable networks: Many of the most touching "wild moments" we see in nature documentaries are anything but wild.