Nature vs nurture

The nature/nurture debate on the causes of mental disorder generates no end of silly controversy by proponents on both sides.
Research on infants finds significant differences in various measures of temperament at birth. Your young one brings his or her personality into this world. But enough about science. I want to tell you about my experience.
Environmental "interventions" can boost intelligence -- but only temporarily, thanks to the so-called fadeout effect, a new study suggests.
Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, discusses the importance of raising children to be confident.
Two months. That's how long my first-born has before life as she knows it transforms forever. Her baby sister is due in nine weeks and my beautiful Yasmeen will no longer be "the baby." She will become "the big sister."
Sure, we can nag the kids to say please and thank you, we can give them chores and piano lessons. But what can their mom and I really do to make them happier, better human beings?
Obviously the origin of music taste is a complex and intriguing topic. One of which no hard science exists (none that I have ever heard of anyway). Yet music is a part of all cultures and all people.