navajo nation

A former Trump chief of staff sold Chinese masks to the government just as federal regulators were scrutinizing foreign-made equipment.
"At every turn, the Trump administration has failed to live up to its trust responsibility to tribes across the country," fumed Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.).
The nation's most populous reservation has a higher per capita coronavirus infection rate than any state.
There have been at least 100 deaths on the country's most populous American Indian reservation.
A coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 1,400 and killed 31 in the city and surrounding rural county while overrunning a patchwork health care system.
Only New York and New Jersey have more confirmed infections per 100,000 people.
There are over 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the American Indian reservation. At least seven people have died.
Thwarting the coronavirus means washing hands and staying hydrated. That's not easy for the 2 million Americans still without plumbing in 2020.
The end of coal has huge environmental benefits, but the upcoming closure of the Navajo Generating Station shows coal communities need much more support.
Native Americans could have a significant impact on midterm elections.