navajo nation

The end of coal has huge environmental benefits, but the upcoming closure of the Navajo Generating Station shows coal communities need much more support.
Native Americans could have a significant impact on midterm elections.
The "Men in Black" star did the jump to celebrate his 50th birthday -- and his defeat of a long-held fear.
“Losing Bears Ears to a cloud of industrial smoke from extraction and mining does not keep that preservation of life for us,” said one Navajo woman.
The lawsuit claims the bank manipulated Navajo elders into opening savings accounts they didn't need.
For decades, fossil fuel was the only game in town. Now, even that is threatening to disappear.
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A United Nations committee has been working for 16 years on a set of international laws to protect indigenous intellectual property.
The Republican's claim that the designation hurts Navajo tribes is "complete bull," one public lands advocate says.
The Gold King Mine spill has faded from national headlines, but the poison remains.
It's the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service, so Pam and I invited our friend Judy to join us on a 10-day road trip to the Four Corners where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet.
Using a more subtle approach to the topics at hand, you'll see Jetsonorama's photographic image of "radioactive" green sheep
It’s been two years since Sonia’s husband’s fatal heart attack. Almost anywhere else in the United States, emergency services
That allowed Arthur to bring his own medicine to the story. He created the sweat lodge used in one scene from memory of his
Steel-jaw leghold traps--even the name sounds vicious for these contraptions used on fur-bearing animals in the U.S Banned in approximately eighty-five countries including the European Union these ghastly apparatus are still being used today in the U.S including on the Navajo Nation.