navient student loans

Navient Corp., formerly Sallie Mae, encouraged call center workers to rush struggling borrowers off the phone rather than explain debt-relief programs.
The Education Department conducted a "sham" investigation into whether Navient Corp. overcharged active-duty servicemembers, an audit shows.
The nation's largest student loan specialist is under investigation by multiple government agencies for allegedly mistreating borrowers.
Investors are fleeing Navient Corp. as traders increasingly bet that the company will default on its debt.
A small change could mean a big improvement for Americans with federal student loans.
Congress and the Obama administration seem to believe U.S. households don't need further protection from the financial industry.
Borrowers will be able to sidestep reviled loan contractors such as Navient Corporation.
Troops sent to combat zones were supposed to be exempt from interest on their student loans -- yet they've paid at least $100 million.
The department will fight distressed debtors over gym memberships, but has a much more relaxed approach to one of its biggest contractors.