nawaz sharif

His party said the decision was a "black spot" on the justice system. Sharif has denied wrongdoing.
The Supreme Court said Sharif is not fit to hold office and ordered a criminal investigation into him and his family.
In Pakistan's case, the army became powerful in the early years of the country's history and there were two major reasons for that.
The ongoing purge in Turkey, where military personnel, police officials, civil servants, judges and teachers have been suspended, and the oppression of the ethnic minority group of Kurds in Turkey paints a grim picture of the future of democracy in the country.
The government has faced mounting pressure to pass the law against murders carried out by people professing to be acting in defense of the honor of their family.
Most were released and investigators are keeping 216 suspects in custody.
A day before the tragic bomb blast in Lahore, a city described as "the heart of Pakistan", I hosted Raza Rumi, a prominent liberal Pakistani journalist, on a live radio show to inquire if Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sharif had finally decided to walk his country on the path to liberalization.