nazi salute

A spokesman said the Anti-Defamation League will aid in Holocaust-related training after cadets were fired for making a Nazi salute.
Trainees and staffers with a state agency gave the salute in a class photo, saying they were honoring an instructor.
State officials are investigating who was involved in photo of a recent correctional officer training class.
An 11-year-old was removed from class for speaking out repeatedly against her classmates giving the Sieg Heil salute.
A symbol of hated is countered with symbols of peace and love.
A photo went viral this month showing high school students in Baraboo, Wisconsin, lifting their arms in an apparent Nazi salute before their junior prom.
A lackluster response from Wisconsin's governor, who will soon be out of a job.
Jordan Blue was one of the few Baraboo High School students in the photo who did not throw up an apparent Sieg Heil.
Baraboo School District announced Monday that it's considering legal action in response to the students' apparent Sieg Heil pose.
The 33-year-old received a suspended sentence and $2,300 fine.