The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of everything from basketball games to musical festivals.
The NCAA announced it would cancel the immensely popular college basketball tournaments as the COVID-19 outbreak expands across the country.
The decision follows guidance from public health officials to limit large public gatherings on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The NCAA opposed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which is set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2023.
Big-time college athletic programs treat athletes like "commodities" and aren't "giving them the education that they deserve," the senator said.
NCAA Division 1 schools alone generated at least $9.15 billion in revenue during fiscal 2015. Coaches make millions.
The host dunked on the senator after his tweet allegedly cursed Texas Tech in the NCAA championship.
The senator tweeted with 35 seconds to go and Texas Tech up by 1 over Virginia in the NCAA final. The jinx was on.
"Nothing ever goes as planned," said the college senior, who dislocated both knees and sustained multiple torn ligaments.
As the Final Four begins, the question is no longer whether college sports "amateurism" will die. It’s when and how it finally will.