Mobility – By the second year, 16 percent of teachers had moved to another school or district. One-fifth of the “movers” moved
“Policymakers ... want to be able to compare state progress and state performance standards, but because they are all different
When it comes to math skills, Alabama performs like Armenia, Mississippi comes close to Dubai, Washington, D.C., performs like Ukraine, and Massachusetts is just one rung below Japan, according to a study released by the U.S. government Wednesday.
The results are mixed. Thirty-six U.S. states scored higher than the international math average of 500, out of a possible
New information from the federal government is the latest to show tremendous gaps in college attainment between socioeconomic
(Watch Duncan's keynote address here) In a separate report released last week by AAPI Nexus, findings show that Asian American
The exam found consistently large gaps in the performance of white, black and Hispanic students, despite their gradual narrowing
The states themselves set the standards, however. They do so by choosing "cut scores," the cut-off point to determine distinct
Why would anyone want to become a teacher? Today, teachers are leaving the field faster than schools of education can train their replacements.