Poor teacher-preparation programs may help explain the spotty record of preschool effectiveness.
While I respect that my students might be excited to join an organization that says it is dedicated to getting young and talented people into classrooms with our most needy students, there is literally nothing positive that Teach For America offers my students that they cannot do for themselves.
NCTQ "rates" teacher training programs based upon artifacts. An NCTQ rating does not require a site visit. NCTQ even hires students and others to gather the superficial information upon which it bases its ratings.
It has become increasingly clear that NCTQ ratings and rankings are but one more compliance activity, like accreditation, foisted on teacher preparation programs. The activity takes valuable faculty and staff time away from real work with real students.
Teachers in the nation's 40 largest school districts came to school 94 percent of the time in the 2012-2013 school year, according
Why can't the outsiders understand that the real problem is the terrible working conditions in so many high-poverty schools? If they were a principal, would they go through the not-so-onerous process of dismissing teachers when they may not be able to find better replacements?
I will not defend every school of education and every professor that works there, but I know we are not "the problem" with education in the United States.
There is surely room for improvement in the world of teacher preparation -- as there is in all professions -- but the NCTQ report provides an inadequate basis upon which to design and implement positive reforms.
"As if a 21-year-old could have their own philosophy about reading," Walsh said. "In any other field, this would be malpractice
NCTQ sued the public Minnesota institutions, and the judge sided with the organization, ruling that state open-records statutes
How about a small dose of reality? Graduate degrees were not designed to improve test scores.
Teachers, and their nuanced dissections of these simplistic outrages, have no shot here. His disingenuous melding of testing