But voter ID laws could prevent indigenous Canadians from exercising their democratic right.
The longest campaign in more than a hundred years kicked off this week.
It will be one of the longest in the nation's history.
Despite the bad press that continues to dog the oil sands, it's not a potential foreign boycott of "dirty" Canadian oil that's the biggest problem for the domestic energy industry. No, the larger challenge is simple economics.
If Alberta premier-designate Rachel Notley is looking to wean her province's economy from its oil addiction, she may find that climate change, ironically enough, turns into an unexpected ally.
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Huge, political clean sweep for social progressives in Alberta, Canada, home of the dirty tar sands
Payday loan companies have managed to fly beneath the radar of public scrutiny for far too long. I suspect it's because their victims are the weakest among us who don't have a voice.
Unlike Indonesia, which has managed its transition from authoritarianism without putting revenge at its core, Morsi and the
There have been many sacrifices, human, economic and social. But from this ordeal, Egypt was delivered, reborn and will hopefully emerge as a healthy nation with an awakened spirit.
I believe the Egyptian people have won a huge battle, and are on the verge of winning what has turned into a war. Egyptians today are not comparable to Egyptians on the morning of January 25.