near death

My mind and body had to relearn everything from telling time to putting on socks.
"He lifted up the blanket and my shirt, and my whole chest was caved in..."
Needless to say, this will shroud the realm of near-death experiencers with a blanket of disbelief. And perhaps that is justified, to an extent. But as I said, you cannot of just one opinion in matters like these.
Samuel Jacobs came home to his twelfth story penthouse on Tuesday morning, but couldn’t locate his four year old feline, Gizmo. It wasn’t until Jacobs went out onto his terrace that he saw Gizmo on a third floor landing. He feared his friend was dead.
Imagine you are wide awake when your breathing gently stops. I had the good fortune to be lying in the emergency room when this happened to me some nine years ago. Like yourself, perhaps, I expected to gasp for breath, panicking, but instead felt entirely calm -- despite the doctor's quizzical look.
Neighbors lingered a long time on the lawns and street, long after the emergency workers and police had left. There was nothing we could do to help, but nobody seemed quite ready to give up the sense of solidarity that emerges around such threatening experiences.
Since it went viral, Lazerow has heard from family, friends, and strangers moved and inspired by the video and his story
Proof of the afterlife? Radiation oncologist Jeffrey Long's new book, "Evidence of the Afterlife" is a study of 1300 cases
Unfortunately, the Medical Marijuana debate has defied all the typical state capitol rules. The MMJ backers have often been the harshest critics of our attempts at reasonable regulations while the law enforcement community has been quietly gaining support to put all of the dispensaries out of business.