near-Earth object

Asteroid 2014 JO25 will zoom by our planet at a distance of 1.1 million miles.
Your creative expressions could exist in space for thousands of years.
The system is expected to offer a one-week warning for a 50-yard (45-meter) asteroid that could wipe out a whole city and
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has previously said that Asteroid 2011 AG5 was "high on NASA’s list of NEOs to monitor
Will we again be hit by the sort of asteroid that ended the dinosaurs? Probably, but we'll never see it coming; in fact, we already missed it if we can assume that maybe we've been threatened by menacing space junk in the past and our modern technologies might have already prevented us from a painful case of mass extinction.
"The IAWN has an essential role in a global response to the NEO hazard," it states. "Essentially, it would comprise the functions
In this most recent communiqué, Schweickart questioned a view held by Bolden from an earlier exchange of letters between
As residents of Earth, we've grown accustomed to having just one moon. Let Saturn and its 62 moons be the solar system's showboat; that just leaves us on this planet to enjoy our single natural satellite all the more. Or so we thought.