"There's no way to wipe the images away from your mind of your little brother bleeding out in your arms."
In order to fully appreciate, both intellectually and emotionally, that and how broadcast news reached its present nadir - and also how glorious it was during its peak -- spend an hour and forty-five minutes with a fine facsimile of Edward R. Murrow.
Chris Mellon has spent nearly 20 years in the federal government serving in various national security positions. For the first time, he has agreed to speak publicly about his experiences within government as they relate to UFOs.
Hong Hong's family is seeking help for the boy's surgery.
The suspect is accused of doing the wrong sort of stroke in an area meant for swimming.
"A possible accident, a possible overdose."
The driver in Ranchi, India, reportedly hit the accelerator instead of the brake.
Disneyland 60th anniversary bodysuits also affected
The boy is now being taken care of by child welfare authorities.
A woman was hit by a flying, three-foot buzzsaw blade while walking past a construction site in midtown Manhattan Tuesday.