Nebraska Democratic Party

State party chair Jane Kleeb thinks Democrats need to pay more attention to rural voters.
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The party removed volunteer Phil Montag from his co-chair position after his expletive-filled comments surfaced.
The Democrat's anti-abortion record sparked a national controversy.
The party’s unity tour reopened wounds from the primary.
“I recognize that not all of my colleagues agree with me. I’ll do everything I can to persuade them, but they are my colleagues, and that’s just how it is with the Democrats."
On the DNC "unity tour," there were some conciliatory moments after a controversial week.
Two prominent Bernie Sanders supporters are among the additions.
The Democratic Party's November wounds still haven't fully healed.
"Obamacare destroyed Ben Nelson," Crossroads GPS spokesman Jonathan Collegio said. "He is the latest and greatest casualty
"They're trying to be deceptive, and it outrages me," Chaffetz said. In a letter (pdf) sent to the Postal Inspection Service
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