The conservative media's meltdown over a Nebraska school district's effort to train teachers about gender diversity demonstrates how conservative misinformation threatens even basic efforts to protect transgender and gender non-conforming students.
As a country we have looked to education as a road to equal opportunity - as a path to gaining knowledge, developing skills and learning behaviors that prepare children to do well as students, workers and citizens throughout their life.
Eleven school districts pool money that the Learning Community then redistributes via a needs-based formula. The money also
According to the Sioux City Journal, state board candidate Bob Van Valkenburg proposed an amendment Friday that would require
All of these individuals have three things in common: they possess an idea, have the desire for change and they can't do it alone.
Authorities released him on June 20, after they discovered the owner of the vehicle had the necessary documentation to transport
The Nebraska-based football coach who said it would be an "honor" to be fired for his anti-gay views now says he would tolerate
The station also spoke with Senator Mike Johanns' office. It was able to get Corbin's Free Application for Student Aid form
For over 20 years University of Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown has used his position in the university to preach his discriminatory, anti-gay brand of Christianity. His latest crusade to fight for discrimination against the LGBT community finally warrants his termination.
NCAA bracket pools have become so ubiquitous in the U.S. that it's hard to imagine someone getting in trouble for running
Cancer survivor J.T. Gaskins, 17, was suspended from his Michigan high school last month for wearing his hair too long, according
Simply mandating that young people remain in school without addressing the causes for their leaving will accomplish little.
"Saying the pledge is a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many Americans over the generations," Kahn told The Grand Rapids
A Columbus, Neb. mother has filed a claim against Columbus Public Schools for allegedly failing to protect her now-16-year
There are 57 students in the art education program; 17 are graduate students who will be allowed to finish the endorsement
Every state should have an academic freedom coalition. It just takes someone to get it going. It could be you.