Ned Lamont

"If I could test those nurses, I could potentially get them back into the game a lot sooner," Gov. Ned Lamont told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.
The third time's the charm for Lamont after two previous bids for Connecticut office failed.
The wealthy businessman is expected to face a tough general election.
The law in Connecticut will give service-industry employees who earn an hourly wage one paid sick hour for every 40 that
Lieberman's last two years in the Senate will define his legacy. And we can only hope that they will bring out the best for all of the residents of Connecticut and the country.
Nominating a more conservative candidate because she or he is the more electable Democrat is sometimes necessary, but nominating more conservative Democrats who can't win anyway is pointless.
As economists warn against the danger of a monopoly of industry in distorting and destroying an economy, our two party monopoly on government is causing similar effects on our political system.
In backing challenges to GOP moderates, the Tea Party looks like a looking-glass version of the "netroots" progressives who backed Howard Dean in 2004 and Ned Lamont's primary challenge to Sen. Joe Lieberman.
(AP) - Former Stamford Mayor Dannel P. Malloy is leading Ned Lamont in the Democratic nomination for governor in Connecticut
However today's elections play out, Democrats will be in better shape after voters go to the polls.
This summer, I have had the privilege to travel around the state of Connecticut with my college roommate, whose father, Ned
The Malloy campaign is being run on Connecticut's public-finance system. Malloy's budget is approximately a fifth the size of Ned Lamont's $10,000,000 (and counting).
Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisWeigant   The Senate has been debating the Wall Street reform bill all week, and we've had
With Crist still in the Senate race as an independent candidate come election day, nothing will stop Marco Rubio from taking over.
Watch the ad: The ad touts how Lamont "took on Joe Lieberman and George Bush." Recent polls show Lamont leading potential
If Blanche Lincoln loses despite the endorsement of Bill Clinton and others, it will be another example of the democratic leadership being at least a step or two behind their party's electorate, even in a state like Arkansas.
Shrugging at the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Malloy decided to try to qualify for Connecticut's Citizens' Election
If Blanche Lincoln and Arlen Specter survive the Democratic primary, it will only get worse. There is no guarantee Specter or Lincoln would beat their Republican challengers in November - in fact, odds are against it.
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Tea Partiers will vote overwhelmingly Republican in November -- unless they stay home in protest. To gain their support, the GOP will have to nominate candidates who are less electable and more radical.