Can I talk to her about it? Do people talk about cancer? What’s the protocol?
As another ancient culture would say, in this case, Hellenic, "May her memory be eternal."
"This is potentially the biggest archaeological discovery ever made."
What's new in Egypt? Plenty and that which is not new will always inspire. The Sphinx awed Napoleon and it certainly still leaves me in awe...every visit.
But many of the world’s most-sought-after treasures are much larger. This is the case of the legendary Amber Room, a room
We can call Amy and Marilyn icons of fashion, yet fashion is something more than a look. It's really a big, bold, unsecret thing. Fashion and persona. It's powerful art, and some like it hot.
Still don't have an idea for your Halloween attire? Here's a good place to start. Check the GIFs below to see our all-time favorite fashion costuming, and search the VFILES Vault for endless Halloween inspiration.
Thutmose perfectly captured Queen Nefertiti at the apex of her power and the peak of her beauty and so it is to him that she owes her eternal fame and in creating this work of art, Thutmose in turn lays claim to his place among the greatest artists in human history.
In the mad rush to pull a guise together, it's important to ensure your makeup doesn't look scarier than your costume. Here are three simple and stylish looks that will transform your basic look into something frightfully glamorous.
BERLIN Culture lovers, visitors and the city authorities of Berlin were reveling in the reopening Friday of the Neues Museum