Scot Peterson was charged with negligence and child neglect for not entering the building during the shooting.
3. Don't overlook internet and social media searches, especially of the driver and transportation company. 6. Regardless
Typically an individual suing another person for injuries must prove exactly what was improper (negligent) about the defendant's conduct. However, in some situations the law shifts the requirement to the defendant to demonstrate that she or he did act properly.
Barbara Bagley is suing *herself* for a fatal car crash that killed her husband 4 years ago.
If you’ve ever flown with your pet your worst nightmare is something tragic happening to your pooch in transit. This week a poor pup was left in the rain, on the tarmac in a dog crate for over a half hour.
What risks does a baseball spectator assume at the ballpark?
As courts begin to shape a cybersecurity duty of care in this "new era," the NIST Framework could be used to determine whether a company's duty has been successfully met.
Rep. Leslie Combs, as the news reports, 'accidentally fired her handgun in her Capitol Annex office Tuesday...' Part of her initial response has rightly caused anger and outrage. In her words, 'Like I said, I am a gun owner... it happens.' Exactly. And too often.
An "Act of God" occurs naturally without human activity. It is frequently associated with violent weather events but may include unexpected medical conditions. The key to successfully asserting the defense is a factual determination that the event was unforeseen and could not be prepared for or mitigated by human activity.
If a customer slips and falls in a store or parking lot, they may have a legal case. In most cases, it is situation-based. Often times, if the store did everything they could to prevent the slip, they can avoid some legal claims. Most lawsuits form out of negligence.
What these slip and fall case terms illustrate are the numerous disputes surrounding the grant or denial of summary judgment.
While a business has no general duty to control the conduct of outsiders, it cannot ignore danger. It must act appropriately based upon what it knows.
Here are a number of judgment calls that parents make every day. There are no laws -- just your best, most educated, guess. I'm betting that the range of answers will mirror the "it all depends on everything" reality of parenting.
An everyday low price for a life -- from the company that made its fortune on cheap imported products -- like the labor of Romulo de Oliveira Santos.
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are being subsidized by the Federal Reserve. Why can't the Fed instead subsidize Americans who want a job? How stupid do they think the American taxpayer is?
White continued, "Ms. Radnofsky's case is a much better case than the Tobacco litigation. Ms. Radnofsky is best known for
Perhaps Rudy should take a leaf from the post-calamity activities of two previous "America's Mayors" who - like Rudy - happened by circumstance to be the person in charge of a locality when disaster struck.