The shutdown stalemate highlights how the president’s strategies contradict best practices, negotiation experts explain.
It could make you seem like an amateur.
It may be surprising to hear this from a litigator, but I roll my eyes every time someone threatens to sue. Many problems are more easily, cost-affordably, and readily solved by civility, and perhaps even an apple pie.
Malhotra presents three negotiating principles along with a wealth of specific strategies and tips. The principles are named
I was recently speaking with a coaching prospect who wants to take his freelance business full-time. I asked him what some of his concerns were and the first thing he said was he wasn't sure how to negotiate his rates.
At a global level, negotiating skills may be the key to bridging differences and arriving at an evolved exchange of ideas
What should you do if you think you have wrapped up a deal with a client for a certain amount, but then the client asks for a series of extras - usually over a period of time rather than all at once?
When those factors are taken into account, all but a few percentage points of the wage gap disappears. That means that Lucy
It was the marketing tagline for a popular 1980s negotiating skills program. Personally, I find this concept absolutely exhausting. Do you really want to game every aspect of daily life?