Trump’s proposed budget cuts funding for agencies that provide educational programming on TV and for the arts.
Reflecting on the nature and valences of our existence - who and why we are - is among the essential elements that not only make us human, but also make us citizens.
With the democratic primary completed, it's time to assess mayor Gray on the arts.
Kalt, a professor at Roxbury Community College in Massachusetts, will document children's Quechua in four communities. Part
On top of the federal arts budget's inefficiencies and lack of influence, there's the intrinsic trouble of centralizing something
Railing about deficits gives the GOP a convenient excuse to hack away at the sorts of bogeymen they've been wanting to kill off for years. Public-employee salaries. And benefits. And bargaining rights.
At a time of alarming uncivil discourse, the role of art as a force for civilization and civility should make funding for the humanities more worthy of public funding than ever before.
At the beginning of this year, there were predictions that as many as 10,000 American not-for-profit arts organizations would go bankrupt as a result of this recession.