Santa Rosa city officials threatened a $500-a-day fine until the homeowner cut the fence in half.
The house features orange and purple walls, with towering dinosaur sculptures and colored mushrooms dotting the lawn.
The lyrics could have been written about my Daddy and his very close friend and neighbor Moody Caraway pictured here, staring
In Alabama...or New York...or Missouri, or California...or Hawaii...or across the Pacific to China...or India...or Syria
It becomes more complicated (and pretty weird) when the comments involve body parts. For example, someone might say, "She
Here are some of Point Richmond's traditions, tics and moments of tender-heartedness: The pastor moonlights at the Hotel
Warnick's book helps clarify what I'd missed by living out of a suitcase. Though I feel incredibly fortunate for having had
Norway wants to give Finland a mountain. Really. It’s a birthday present. Next year, Finland will commemorate the 100th anniversary
I didn't know what I wanted when I applied for colleges, but I do now. I simply want a diverse block of neighbors.
Religions and philosophers have long praised the virtue of patience; now researchers are starting to do so as well.
Don't Let Financial Need Limit Your Success. The Paddocks will readily tell you, you're not going to become wealthy by becoming
Feeling sick? They'll bring you soup. It's your birthday? They'll buy you flowers.
It's been inspiring sharing the stories of our diverse communities, highlighting their contributions to Spokane. Sikhs have farmed in the area for a hundred years. Jewish pioneers helped start the founding of Spokane. Muslims have been integral professors and teachers at local universities.
It's much easier to fear and hate the unknown, so we wanted to be sure that we were known as your Muslim neighbors -- not because we think it should matter, but because we think it shouldn't.