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But Born was not done turning a symposium sponsored by Public Citizen for the organization's upcoming book, Reality Check
Neil Barofsky, the former watchdog for the government's financial crisis bailout program, tweeted Friday that JPMorgan Chase
If you ask Jon Stewart, he'll tell you that big banks, with all their economy-wrecking abilities, are acting like total babies
Neil Barofsky: HSBC Fine Will Lead To 'More Crime'
Current Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Christy Romero did not immediately take issue with
“Obama wants to work within Dodd-Frank to make it a little more painful," Barofsky said. "Romney wants to repeal Dodd-Frank
President Obama touted the Dodd-Frank Act at the presidential debate on Tuesday night. "I committed that I would rein in
"Unprofessional for not letting me answer questions, but not unfair. I knew what was coming," Barofsky wrote on Twitter. "I