Neil Portnow

Deborah Dugan was abruptly placed on leave last week, just days before this year's Grammy Awards.
For starters, she's calling for the Recording Academy's "sexist, misogynist" president to step down.
"We step up every single day and have been doing so for a long time," they wrote.
"Women have been stepping since the beginning of time.”
A #TimesUp movement is brewing in music. But is it going far enough?
"We don’t, as musicians, in my humble opinion, listen to music based on gender or race or ethnicity."
What sort of fires do you have to put out during the telecast? If I were a religious man, I’d be in prayer. There are so
7) Recent research proves televisions give off a considerable amount of heat, and for many of you on the East Coast, that will be a good thing because to quote a great song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."
hese men got the whole world dancing, swaying, singing along (and they still do). Mr. Robinson's angelic vibrato may sing words, but in attempts to define it, it defies them! And words cannot convey the beauty and import of this event. But for you, I'll give it a go.
In the wake of the telecast receiving six Emmy nominations -- the most ever in one year for a GRAMMY telecast, I wanted to invite all of you to see "Death In The Family: The Show Must Go On" a revealing look behind the scenes of this year's Grammy Award show.