Neko Case

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Brill Bruisers sounds broad and warm, wrapping from ear to ear and giving shine to 13 songs that experiment with new sounds and instruments -- some of which are jarringly unfamiliar even after several listens.
That tweet got a heartwarming response: Case did NOT appreciate that interpretation of her work. Some people were confused
"It's not that I had a plan, but it kind of felt like by saying that, I was allowing that person to have their influence rather than me telling them."
Leave it to Neko Case, singer/songwriter/force-of-nature to turn out a darling 18 minute video about making borsch.
On August 24th and 25th, the First City Music Festival will open its golden gates on the beautiful Monterey County Fairgrounds for two days of revelry.
Most of the non-Chicago bands in the festival are "Undercover" veterans, while the bulk of the lineup skews toward artists
Canada's Kathleen Edwards, one of the featured performers scheduled to appear at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, Colorado next week, answered a few questions related to the festival and performing live, while also revealing one of her hidden talents.
When we got an exclusive first look at Country Living's March 2012 issue, we were especially taken by indie musician Neko