"Some workers’ wages are so low that employers are not able to push them down any further."
A lot of people are angry about McDonald's new financial advice website for employees, an ill-conceived project which drips with "let them eat cake" insouciance.
Most large employers of low-wage workers "are earning profits above their pre‐recession levels, and are sharing those profits
But Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, disputed suggestions
The massive pool of unemployed 12.7 million unemployed Americans and 7.7 million working part-time because they can't find
"Either adjusting the minimum wage for inflation is a good thing or it isn’t, and conservatives are right to try and nail
Despite recent declines in the national rate, unemployment is still a huge problem in the U.S. The rate has remained around
"We don't expect that to change until we really start to make inroads with the long-term unemployed," she said. The Equal
I'm all about law and order and people doing the time for the crimes they commit. But once time has been served -- especially if it's for a non-violent offense -- we need to welcome these people back into the fold.
HIRE distributes information and advocates for policies that may expand job opportunities for people with criminal records
When the economy is experiencing deflation, the AWI does not decrease the minimum wage, but rather implements the federal