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If truth be told, Mandela's advocacy has shown very little light even in his country. South Africa has a serious problem with its LGBTQ population, and especially with lesbians. And its method to remedy its "problem" with lesbians is "corrective rape."
Mandela's legacy has touched every continent, but it is distinctly personal for me as I see his influence in every mother and father figure I've ever had in my life.
Mandela's death sparked an almost forgotten allure toward hero worship. That was once reserved for outstanding Americans, who epitomized Americans' understanding of history and heroism. In this context, our president led the way.
In 1996, I was back in South Africa to present my credentials to President Mandela as the U.S. Ambassador. "I have come to exchange my 'free Mandela' sign for my credentials as the United States Ambassador," I said. He loved it.
While the passing of Nelson Mandela was not unexpected, his life and his example still hold the power to inspire in surprising
It is easier for some, like they did Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to embrace him in death than it is to remember that in his life, he challenged us all to confront our hatred of one another and to free our minds of prejudice.
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We had just arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa from snowy New York City. It was suddenly the middle of summer, the garden was lush and green, and there was a sparkling pool outside our window beckoning us. All year we had dreamed of our new life in Africa.
The passing of Nelson Mandela brought back to mind many of the lessons of that experience and what they mean for us today here at home. No system, however evil, is ever permanent. And no system, no matter how righteous, just continues to be so without eternal vigilance.
I was stunned and my mind began racing. He gave me a contact name for follow up. I visited with the Chicago Tribune powers
President F.W. de Klerk, the one responsible for Mandela's freedom, was more sanguine: "I was struck by an inescapable truth: an irreversible process had begun -- and nobody could predict precisely how it would end."
The disappointments will accumulate and the same need to locate in him the political, ethical, psychic compass of his country will turn and the gravity of that turn will attribute him with blame.
PHOTOS: As the world continues to mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela, many entertainers are paying homage to the former South
We need Mandela's same brave determined spirit if we're to take on the impossible task of trying to end war, poverty, hunger, gun violence, drones, executions, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction.
Even world leaders can't resist taking funeral selfies. President Barack Obama, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and
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The campaign faced other hurdles as well. Though there was little quality polling in South Africa, the first numbers they
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgMandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi all went to jail instead of abandoning their beliefs. Our politicians seem more keen to abandon their beliefs to stay in office.
Contrary to belief, the malignant treatment by the U.S. of Mandela didn't end with his release from prison in 1990, the official unbanning of his African National Congress, or even his becoming the first democratically elected President of South Africa in 1993.