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Shapiro, the filing says, "anticipates that the records to which he seeks access will begin to answer the following questions
President Mandela taught us so many lessons. From reconciliation and personal perseverance to the true meaning of public service and the importance national liberation movements, what he taught us was to never give up the fight for justice.
The public was allowed in at around midday, and mourners formed snaking queues that called to memory long lines in the first
"Government is aware of social media activity on the existence or otherwise of a picture of President Mandela lying in state
When I think of a world without our beloved Mandela, I imagine how empty it will feel without his great intellect and incredible gift.
Today I had the great honor of saying an opening prayer at the National Cathedral's memorial service for Nelson Mandela, the most important political leader of the 20th century. This was an honor, not only because of Mandela's stature on the world's stage, but because he was someone I admired very deeply and personally.
Those lofty goals are far from being met in South Africa, or here in the U.S., for that matter. Mandela's legacy to us is to hold out the greater vision of reconciliation, a dream of justice grounded in a profound faith in the human capacity to change.
Check out Jay Z’s touching tribute to Nelson Mandela in the clip below. “We want to dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela
We need Mandela's same brave determined spirit if we're to take on the impossible task of trying to end war, poverty, hunger, gun violence, drones, executions, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction.