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There's no doubt that 2013 had its share of exciting and heartbreaking entertainment news. From the good news like Cicely
Copyright (2013) AFP. All rights reserved. The South African government said Thursday it would not release photographs of
Even world leaders can't resist taking funeral selfies. President Barack Obama, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt can be seen in the photo taking a selfie during a memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.
Even world leaders can't resist taking funeral selfies. President Barack Obama, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and
The campaign faced other hurdles as well. Though there was little quality polling in South Africa, the first numbers they
I realized that his humor was the skilled and disciplined response of a person who had learned that the only way to speak truth to an oppressing power was to couch it in wit.
Calling Mandela a Communist or a terrorist shortly after his death is mean-spirited, but it is a bigger condemnation of the moral blindness of much of U.S. foreign policy during the Cold War than it is a criticism of Mandela.
This week brought the passing of Nelson Mandela. He was a man whose towering authority derived from his relentless devotion to humanity at its most basic level. While locked away for 27 years, the rage of injustice was supplanted by a willingness to build bridges to those who'd imprisoned him. After his release in 1990, his first goal was reconciliation, not retribution. "The whites are our fellow South Africans," he said the next morning. "We want them to feel safe." And after becoming the first democratically elected black president of South Africa, that unremitting dedication to what's best in us continued. "He no longer belongs to us," said President Obama upon learning of his death, "he belongs to the ages." But let's not relegate him to the ages just yet -- we desperately need his spirit of transcendence and compassion right now. As he wrote in 1995: "It always seems impossible until it's done." Rest in Peace, Madiba.
And Buckley was not alone. Foreign Policy reported back in July: To their credit, Republican members of Congress -- current
Former President Bill Clinton weighed in on the late South African President Nelson Mandela, telling CNN he "became a hero
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out the White House and the media on Friday, accusing both parties of making
Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, along with former First Lady Laura Bush, will attend former South African
South African actor Sharlto Copley, who frequently appears in Blomkamp's films, echoed the director's sentiments. (c)2013
"President Obama and the first lady will go to South Africa next week to pay their respects to the memory of Nelson Mandela
(h/t Dave Weigel) The statement, pointed out by Slate's Dave Weigel in a tweet Friday morning, came after Fox News host Bill
South Africa mourned on Thursday as news spread of the death of its iconic leader, Nelson Mandela. Mandela was 95 and spent
Former South African President, Nelson Mandela, has died at age 95. With little time having passed since his death, celebrities
That was Mandela's third visit to Spain, during which he spoke to us about the beginnings of decolonization and the acceptance of the idea that every nation has the right to belong to and participate equitably in the global community. He said that countries cannot be based in the oppression of other nations.
Click here to read more on Mandela's passing. Obama continued, "We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper also took to twitter: Take a look at the slideshow below for more reactions from around