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Maya Angelou, who first met Nelson Mandela in the early 1960s, praised him as a great man worthy of comparison to another icon she knew — the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
What follows is a collage of sentences from the first one hundred negative responses to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's official statement on the death of Nelson Mandela. The sentences, taken from the Senator's Facebook page, are unedited, though spelling mistakes were corrected.
Death is not the final victory. Nothing can silence the voice of Nelson Mandela - not Robben Island, not death. His words are eternal. His voice will echo throughout time.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities and led his continent into a new era, has died at age 95.
"What made Nelson Mandela great was precisely what made him human," Zuma said in his address. "We saw in him what we seek
His granddaughters, who grew up in Boston for many years while in exile, have spent their lives in the limelight. Now they
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There's anger amidst the apprehension in South Africa as the numbers of "journalists" on the Mandela deathwatch grows.
JOHANNESBURG, June 28 (Reuters) - Former South African President Nelson Mandela is showing a "great improvement" in his health
A few hours ago, I was at the hospital in Pretoria, the hospital where Nelson Mandela is fighting his last battle. Together with colleagues and friends of ActionAid, together with dozens, even hundreds of people who come and go at all hours. It is not voyeuristic. It is a respectful homage to one of the great leaders of our time.
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Nelson Mandela has been placed on life support, CNN reported Wednesday afternoon.
His last public appearance was waving to fans from the back of a golf cart before the final of the World Cup in Johannesburg's
The former South African president's health remained critical for the fourth consecutive day as tribal leaders reportedly
The minister said arrangements were being made for Obama to visit Robben Island, where Mandela spent much of his 27 years
Mandela's history of lung problems dates back to his time at Robben Island prison near Cape Town. He was released in 1990
Every time I think of Nelson Mandela, the great South African leader, the first thought in my mind is we need more like him. We are ready and in serious need of leaders to inspire us and motivate us with action as much as words.
SOWETO, South Africa, June 9 (Reuters) - South Africans prayed for Nelson Mandela's recovery on Sunday as the 94-year-old
* Mandela has been at Johannesburg home for a week "We are now in the phase where if we do not hear from his doctors, we