Neomi Rao

Sen. Mitch McConnell wants to make it easier to confirm President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.
She's weakened protections for sexual assault survivors and has argued that women can avoid date rape by staying sober.
Neomi Rao, up for a lifetime federal court seat, also has a record of weakening protections for sexual assault survivors.
D.C. Circuit nominee Neomi Rao wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, a week after her confirmation hearing.
President Donald Trump’s pick to fill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s seat on the D.C. Circuit Court, Neomi Rao, is quite controversial.
The D.C. Circuit Court nominee said she’s also not sure why she argued that "dangerous feminist idealism" leads women to think they are equal to men.
"Any student that drinks to the points of getting drunk and losing control risks being a victim," he said.
D.C. Circuit Court nominee Neomi Rao wrote articles denouncing "special treatment for minority students" and blaming women for date rape.
Neomi Rao has been nominated to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Rao currently serves as Trump’s top official on regulatory matters.