The birds may be fine, but a new study shows the bees are having some serious fertility issues.
But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is lagging behind. Last May the Agency began a process to assess the risks four
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A commonly used insecticide is suspected of contributing to the collapse of bee populations.
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Answer: Wild bees deserve conservation attention in their own right, but from our perspective, it is especially important
Recent research now suggests that bees may be preferentially drawn to pesticide-laced foods as a result of reward mechanisms. It is a fascinating lesson in how knowledge gleaned from addiction science can inform our understanding of a global ecological crisis.
Organic, GMO, pesticide-free, fair-trade -- what do these really mean, are they just trends and how do they affect our planet?
The federal Fish and Wildlife Service is to prohibit neonicotinoid use at national wildlife refuges by next January. The
Science is not a set of results; it is a method. If the method is faulty, as in the case of the Lu study and the simplistic 'neonics causes bee deaths meme', the results are useless.