Depp’s previous comments about privilege sparked backlash even from some fellow children of celebrities.
The actor and model weighed in on the "nepo baby" discourse, noting there was a marked difference between the acting and modeling industries.
“Look, this is a family business,” Hanks said while seemingly giving his take on the “nepo baby” controversy.
The “M3gan” star, and daughter of journalist Brian Williams, gave a refreshingly self-aware take on the privileges she’s been afforded thanks to nepotism.
The actor, who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, spoke out about the term in a new interview with The Independent.
Lottie Moss seemingly deactivated her Twitter account after announcing she was "so sick of people blaming nepotism" for their lack of wealth and success.
Ireland Baldwin’s message to Lily Rose Depp is this: From one nepo baby to another, check your privilege.
Famous People That Are Related And All Happen To Work In Showbiz
HuffPost Live delved into the virtual world of video games. We spoke to gamers about the latest video game trends, sexism and bias in the gaming industry, and the connection between real-life violence and violent video games.
“We’re in trouble as a nation if ‘better than Trump is good enough’ becomes the standard for ethical behavior,” Walter Shaub wrote in op-ed.