“We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host this show. Does that mean one of us should be leaving because there’s not enough representation?" she asked.
The president's son said, without irony, "My father gave me an opportunity to work my way up in his company."
The couple has recently complained about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s "nepotism" and taxpayer-financed perks.
President Donald Trump denied that his daughter and son-in-law would be part of the White House council to reopen the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The president's son wants to square off over who has benefited the most from family connections.
During an interview on Fox News, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tried to criticize Hunter Biden for using his father to get ahead in the world, even though everything he said could be applied to President Donald Trump’s kids.
The Fox News host went after Chelsea Clinton and Hunter Biden for allegedly profiting from family connections, but defended President Donald Trump’s children.
After a lengthy rant about nepotism, the Fox News host then applauded the millionaire Trump children.
The late night host hits the president's eldest son for hypocrisy.
"The Daily Show" host thinks it's curious that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are griping about Hunter Biden.