Axonotmesis (Figure 4) Axonotmesis occurs in crush injuries or displaced bone fractures causing disruption of the nerve cell
Last night my teenage daughter and I watched a thriller called Nerve, a new movie starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Nerve
Dave Franco and Emma Roberts team up in a Truth or Dare (actually only dare) cyber competition that will take the audience
For me, sexual satisfaction is about a complete experience. I want to feel thrilled physically, emotionally and even spiritually
It isn't's first foray into online matchmaking. Nerve Personals were also intended to "energize the world of online
Have you spent the greater part of 2011 at your desk job avoiding your work, surfing the internet, and laughing at memes
The world is swarming with "Little Monsters," and frankly, we're concerned the Goddess of All Fashion Weirdness, Bjork, may
Each month like clockwork, men's and women's magazines hit the newsstands, bursting with terrible sex and dating advice. And
You know what's lame? Talking about how you hate the new Facebook redesign, or saying that you prefer the British version
As of September 20th, Zooey Deschanel will be carrying her own show on FOX called New Girl. The pilot is already available
The internet, as everyone knows, was invented in 1963 so that Pentagon personnel could circulate Audrey Hepburn nip-slips
Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "The Book Of Mormon" is only the latest example of their towering songcraft. Read more on
Ever since you lost your bid to become president of your middle school's French club to that stupid pretty boy, Brian Henderson
Q: My girlfriend thinks pornography is cheating so I promised to stop looking - but I didn't. I feel bad for lying. How can
The Message - Writing an individualized, private message is a way to establish contact without allowing the entire Facebook
The Huffington Post caught up with Rev. Jen after her reading to ask her about the crazy-ass research a sex columnist has to do in the name of science.
The Internet is a pretty vast place, so I compiled a cheat sheet of links for the week: a veritable potpourri of diverting videos, articles, commercials, and music.