The serratus anterior muscle attaches to the medial anterior aspect of the scapula and anchors the scapula against the rib
Symptoms: The patient will describe symptoms of pain and numbness in the elbow as well as tingling in the ring and little
Treatment of radial nerve palsy: The patient's wrist is usually placed in a brace or cockup splint (Figure 6). Physical therapy
Wearing super tight jeans may cause this compression of the LFCN. Usually the patient complains of tingling, numbness and
"I've had high school and college students who report back to me that they're making better grades on tests and giving better
Chris Anderson, Head of TEDTalks and author of the new book TED TALKS: The Official Guide To Public Speaking, provides 4 ways to get over your fear of public speaking.
My wanderlust is so strong that it manifests as a physical ache (like someone with their hand pushing on my back) and itchy feet. But as much as I love traveling, it brings with it significant anxiety.
Before you present, take a moment to center yourself. Do that with your breath. Test your breathing. Inhale deeply and hold
The neurons setting our heart racing, our skin to sweating, and our stomach churning, are draped in a network throughout the body cavity next to the organs they control, completely outside the brain and spinal cord.
Brian: It's like connective tissue. If you look within yourself and think, “What are these people thinking of me? This isn’t
On the night Austin Trenum suffered his concussion, he started to change. As if the concussion had left Austin's brain intact and functional, but had changed him in ways that proved too subtle to catch except in hindsight.
Here are 10 strategies to calm your nerves before you pitch your idea.
Our concept of time focuses around what's important to us: summer vacations, semester breaks, baseball seasons, and for some of us, blood test to blood test.