net art

Artist Dora Moutot explores how tears can be pornographic, feminist, revolutionary.
The featured artists all thrive creatively and socially in the URL realm as well as the IRL. Asked about her role as an "Internet
"This is a series of portraits in the broadest sense of the term: a representation of the internet artist in all its complexity
Crego's deliciously contemporary creations turn your favorite street-dwelling designs into compelling animated shorts. Some
I'd say the show deals with magic, the supernatural and science fiction more than any actual science. But we are at an interesting
See the diabolical technologies in all their hypnotic, rainbow glory below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. "Computer
Before working with Instagram, Stark investigated the properties of another popular tech utopia, Chat Roulette. "I got well
Real online reactions to the video were weaved into later iterations of it, creating one of the most meta mosh pits to ever
I would also suggest that the decision to publish The Guide as a book does not merely fulfill commercial and cultural demands
Untitled (from the series 9 years), 2011, 6 frame lenticular print in light box, 22x14.5 “psxvideo” username password SARA
If you spent hours of your youth crafting the perfect McMansion and flirting with your neighbor on The Sims, this hilarious
Eva and Franco Mattes are known for creating artwork so troubling it borders on cruel. In their previous piece "No Fun," Franco
INSA creates awesome street art GIFs that bring the thrill of the streets to your very own Tumblr. Painting a wall several
This morning I was reading an article about Bjork's upcoming Biophilia project and it starts by saying that her whole career