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A look inside Robert Adanto's documentary "The F Word."
Artist Dora Moutot explores how tears can be pornographic, feminist, revolutionary.
Page by Jon Satrom Finally, your clumsy typing skills get the reward they've so long deserved. Get thee to an artsy 404 error
"We had the idea while browsing through the Getty Images photo archive," IOCOSE's Filippo Cuttica explained in an email to
Street art, removed from the stuffy confines of a gallery's white walls and placed in the bustling city streets, could already
Faketastik 2014 14 x 10.25 inches edition of 5 + AP Builder Destroy (Acid God) Close-up 2013 50 x 33.25 inches edition of
See the diabolical technologies in all their hypnotic, rainbow glory below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. "I've
For more from Stark and the rest of the artists joining her, check out ForYourArt's "Instagram Mini Marathon" at 7:30 pm
When asked if Yung Jake is a character, he responded "Yeah, but not like a fake character... I'm always on." At a certain
The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media This brings up the obvious question. Why in the world is a guide to digital media