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It's the golden age of television. This era can be overwhelming for some viewers, with so many choices, there's no urgency
"Bates Motel" and "Breaking Bad" hooked viewers in an average of just 2 episodes.
Brandy Joyce had a whole bunch of favorites, including "Mad Men," "Californication," and "Grey's Anatomy" -- which she calls
We are becoming a nation of blue-faced zombies, hunkered down in front of our screens and watching our stories. "They are
Getting paid to watch TV? Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all. Last week, a job advertisement started making the rounds on
The idea that spending several hours with a book needs a new term is an absurd concept. It's called reading. The activity of sitting down with a novel for the afternoon is not a trend; it's just how reading has almost always worked.
Netflix had no comment on the data, but Cullen said that a drop in Netflix activity is typical during the Super Bowl and
Is anything better than a Saturday night filled with popcorn, pajamas and a fully charged device to binge-watch your favorite
Here's some breaking news you'll love: Apparently, if you're binge watching TV shows, you're not alone. According to a survey
Has binge watching changed the way we live our lives? Netflix and cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken recently found