Netflix DVD

In the same manner Netflix started rolling out new logos, the company has quietly stopped Saturday DVD deliveries. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that Saturday shipment processing was discontinued in June.
[h/t Uproxx] Only time will tell if this is Netflix's first move toward totally phasing out DVDs, but that would probably
In a spoof video released earlier this month, Netflix teases a new "Drone 2 Home" same day DVD delivery service, meant to
So signing up new members -- and keeping existing members happy, streaming and paying -- is essential to Netflix's success
"Nothing is new with Netflix DVD plans. We simply enabled a URL." Here's Swasey again: Longtime Netflix users will recall
HBO is indeed becoming more Netflix-like, however, with its HBO GO streaming service and its agreement with Dish. Netflix
Early reaction to the surprise move was mixed. Twitter users did not warm to the name "Qwikster," but Erick Schnonfeld at
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